Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a medical procedure that uses an exceptionally strong radio magnet and radio frequency waves to produce image of human structure. But the most common and frequently asked question is what the exact purpose of this scan test is. The best answer to this question is that who so ever is having problem related to nervous system as this is the most sensitivity and important part of the body. To treat your most important part of the body, you need sophisticated diagnostic medical equipment and MRI is one of the best equipment in referring physician understand the cause of your particular health issues.

This effective technology scan a human body and helps physician to diagnose medical problems such as sports injury, ENT conditions, prostate issues, vascular conditions, soft tissue and bone conditions etc. There are some conditions under which a patient cannot have an MRI scan done. If you have a pacemaker, history of diabetes, history kidney problems, brain surgery, clips in your head or any kind of surgery that involves any metallic tool for life support, pregnancy or breast-feeding, fluid on the brain and a cochlear implant.

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Most of the people have misconceptions about this medical procedure and believe that it is not safe and painful procedure. Contrary to these misconceptions, this medical procedure is painless and very reliable procedure. But since it is a machine there are some complications you should be aware of this medical equipment doesn’t use X-rays, thus the main concerns that associate with X-rays images and CT scans are not with this medical procedure. Though there are no such complications associated with this procedure but in the following cases:

  • Patients may have reactions to the contrast dye which is sometimes used.
  • Pregnant or breast-feeding mothers are advised not to take this procedure unless it is urgent.

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For the preparation of this medical investigation, a patient is asked to do some things. A patient is asked not to wear any kind of jewelry on the body.

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